Christian Quotes on Love

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Christian Quotes on Love

1. “Love is the sum of all virtue, and love disposes us to good.” -Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards lead colonial America in an early revival of devotion toward God. His famous sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God” has been the catalyst for millions of salvation experiences.

2. “I am not sure exactly what heaven will be like, but I know that when we die and it comes time for God to judge us, he will not ask, ‘How many good things have you done in your life?’ rather he will ask, ‘How much love did you put into what you did?” -Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa spent her entire life doing good for those around her, and yet she understood that just doing good would not be enough, if that good is not coupled with love.

3. “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you.” -Jesus Christ

Only when we can see others as their creator sees them can we really know true love.

4. “Falling in love in a Christian way is to say,’I am excited about your future and I want to be part of getting you there. I’m signing up for the journey with you. Would you sign up for the journey to my true self with me? It’s going to be hard but I want to get there.” -Timothy Keller

Falling in love has been diluted and polluted to such a point that few people understand how true love is a vehicle to help another reach their true potential.

5. “The joy of intimacy is the reward of commitment.” -Joshua Harris

In a world where intimacy is often misunderstood, we must remember that intimacy was a gift from God intended to bind us together to our true mate in order to honor God and build his kingdom.



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