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Shake the Dust Off Your Feet

As we can read in Mark 6:7-13, just because we are doing the right thing and what Jesus wants us to do, does not mean everyone will want to hear it. Doing the will of God does not necessarily equal earthly success. Not everyone listened to Jesus or the apostles when they were here; likewise, not everyone will listen or understand when you do the will of God, either. We have to give up on worrying about results and simply focus of living out the orders of the Master.


God is Not Mocked

No one likes being made fun of, called names, and treated badly. But we do this every day to Jesus. People, even people who think of themselves as Christians, use his name as an epithet. They watch TV shows and regularly go to web sites which make jokes at his expense. Having a sense of humor does not mean standing idly by while someone innocent, someone you love and who loves you, is mocked and devalued. What do your choices in TV, movies, books, web sites, and speech say about the regard in which you hold Jesus? What do they say about what you find acceptable?

What is the best way to witness to others?

Live It Yourself

It has been said, "The only Bible some people will read is you." The best way to witness for Christ is to live what you believe. If your life shows joy, peace, faith, etc., people will want to know why. Then you can tell them it's because of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done in your own heart.

What is a good passage on love in the home?

The Love Chapter in China

Never underestimate the power of 1 Corinthians 13. sometimes called 'The Love Chapter'. Not too long ago, I lived for four years in mainland China. Contrary to what the media may tell you, the Chinese people are overall kind, generous, intelligent and quite spiritual. There are not many official churches there, so many of the Christians have no place to go to worship or have Mass. But most of them are favorable toward Christianity and have nothing but good things to say about Jesus.

Of course, they have not been shielded from those who abuse the name of Christ, either. One good woman told me about friends of hers who had been cheated by foreigners claiming to be Christian, who stole money from her. She didn't see how these "Christians" were any better than other people she knew who were not, so she was unimpressed. Still, she said, there was one part of the Bible which moved her very deeply.

The chapter? 1 Corinthians 13. And maybe that one little chapter could not only save this woman, but start another revolution in China which will surprise the world.

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