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Joyful 'Toons

Cartoonist Mike Waters produces a well-done one-panel Christian comic called Joyful 'Toons. He originally started them for his own church's bulletins, but has made them available online. Each 'toon features a Bible verse and a cartoon illustrating the point being made. The strips are amusing without being mocking or irreverent. They are also available en espanol.

Joyful 'toons


Funny church jokes?

Who Wants to Be a Saintly Millionaire?

If you're looking for a fun, Bible-based trivia game to play, head over to Cross Daily and play their online "Who Wants to Be a Saintly Millionaire?" You get trivia questions, two lifelines, and the Scripture reference for each correct answer The game is free and you don't even have to register, although I bet Cross Walk would appreciate it if you did.

Who Wants to Be a Saintly Millionaire?




G.K. Chesterton was a witty, well-read art critic and writer of the late 19th-early 20th century. He converted to Christianity and wrote many insightful and deep books about it until his death. His books have gone into the public domain, and if you like to listen to audio, there is a free audio book podcast of Chesterton's work called Chestercast. Replace all that braying noise on the radio with some intelligent, thoughtful, and sometimes surprising Christian apologetics. (Full disclose: that's my husband reading them.)


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