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Free Stuff - Scripture Memorization Software

If you are running Windows, there are several places you can get free software meant to help you memorize scripture verses. One place is Free Christian Software, which has four kinds of memorization software. Another is InVerse, also for Windows. For those of use using Apples, there is the not free but very affordable ($6 US) Scripture Memory for Macs.


Free Stuff for Christians: E-Sword

E-Sword is an excellent Bible software developed by Rick Meyers. You can download different translations of the Bible, commentaries, and dictionaries. You can also find graphics, devotions, and "extras" such as "Sketches of Jewish Social Life" and other books. The software lets you do side-by-side comparison of different translations and has an integrated editor for making your own notes. Donations are highly appreciated, but there is no charge for the program or for most of the accompanying downloads. E-Sword only officially comes in a Windows version. However, you can get it run on a Mac by using the the Mac E-Sword download found here:

What is a good radio program where I can learn about the Bible?

Radio Ministry No. 1

There are many Christian podcasts and Internet radio stations you can listen to. One of the longest-running and most popular is Father Al Lauer's Presentation Ministries. You can subscribe to the podcasts via iTunes or go straight to the website:

Why should I memorize Bible verses?

Easy Bible Memorization Plan

Many people like to act as if they know the Bible because they can quote single verses which seemingly back up their idea. However, many times they really don't. The verses just seem to because they're taken out of context or the background is not understood or discussed. If you want to learn and memorize the Bible AND keep everything in context, you can try something which was recently recommended to me at my own Bible study class. It's simply, although not so easy: read each book of the Bible twenty times. Choose one, then read it each day until you have read it twenty times. You will remember the verses, you will understand the overall context of the book, and you will see how you will learn things and gain fresh ideas every time you read it. You can journal your discoveries or just bask in the Word.

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