The Lord's Prayer

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The Lord's Prayer

Almost everyone, Christian or not, is familiar with the Lord's Prayer, also called the Our Father: Our Father, who are in heaven...

These are the words Jesus specifically gave us to pray. They also serve as a model for all prayer. We can meditate on the different parts of the Lord's Prayer for a long time, but here are some essentials.

It's good to remember what the basic parts of our prayers should be. They should remember God is our father, more powerful than we, loving and caring, attentive, but also the one who knows what's best for us. Proper and effective prayer is not badgering God into doing what you want or demanding presents and gifts - "THY will be done", not yours. It's good to remember when praying that all things on heaven and on earth are God's will for some reason, not just the things you like. Also, you can't communicate with God while you harbor hatred and grudges against others. God forgives you as you forgive others.



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