Faith and Works

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Faith and Works

Some Christians think all you need is faith to be saved . But that faith has to show itself in works as well . If you claim to be a Christian but do nothing which shows the love and influence of God in your life, then you are not only NOT living a Christian life, you are doing Jesus great harm in the eyes of others . If you lie, cheat others, hurt people, speak badly, and otherwise behave in cruel and immoral ways yet claim to be Christian, think about what kind of example you are showing the world about Jesus .

Zacchaeus the tax collector was a great sinner, but he decided that he wanted to see Jesus so much he climbed a tree to be better able to do so . Jesus rewarded him by recognition and by coming into his house, but Zacchaeus did not stop there . He also promised to give half of his possessions to the poor and repay anyone he had cheated three times over . His new faith showed in works . And Jesus said to him, " Today salvation has come to this house ".



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