How to Use an Advent Calendar

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How to Use an Advent Calendar

When you were growing up there were many reasons to be excited about the Holiday season. Whether it was the snow on the ground, the Christmas lights in the trees, or the giant Christmas tree in your living room it was always a beautiful sight. Another reason to love the season, starting on December 1st, is the Advent Calendar. What is an advent calendar? How do you use one?

An Advent Calendar is a way to count down to Christmas and add a little bit of fun to the whole process. The Advent Calendar is hollowed out with little doors on each day of the month, leading up to the 25th. Behind each door is a little treat for the person opening it. Fill up your Advent Calendar with little pieces of candy, stories, or gift cards and have a reason to celebrate every day of the Christmas season.

Advent Calendars are a ton of fun for children and a way to keep the Spirit alive for the adults!



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