How to be a Good Christian on Good Friday

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How to be a Good Christian on Good Friday

Good Friday is most certainly not in remembrance of a 'good' event. The day was chosen to remember the trials and tribulations of Jesus Christ as he died on the cross, crucified, for our sins. So what can you do, as a good Christian, to celebrate this somber day?

Good Friday is not a day for celebration. It is a day for penance, contemplation, and gratitude for Christ the Redeemer. By attending your Church's special service and enjoying the fellowship therein, you'll be doing a great thing for your faith and your Lord.

Catholics also refrain from eating meat on Good Friday. As Paschales Solemnitatis wrote, "Good Friday is a day of penance."

The final way in which a good Christian will celebrate Good Friday is to go to Communion. Taking the bread and the wine that commemorates Christ's sacrifice is the ultimate way to remember what He did for us. Good Friday is somber and it isn't a celebration, but it is important all the same.



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