Easter Celebrations

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Easter Celebrations

Easter is the most religious holiday in the Christian religion. Many families choose to celebrate by taking part in the following traditions:

1. Attending Church

Enjoy the Easter service at your local Church. The sermon is usually one on rebirth, renewal and a clean slate. It is always an optimistic message that may deepen your faith.

2. Easter Egg Hunt

Many churches will put on an Easter egg hunt for the local children. Take part in this, another sponsored event, or even make your own. Fill plastic eggs with small candies or coins and hide them around your yard (or house). The kids will have a great time running around looking for them.

3. Spending Time with Family and Friends

Holidays are the time to be with family and friends. Whether you take this opportunity to get together with extended family, or you just take the day to spend quality time with the folks you live with, Easter is a great day to slow down and enjoy each other's company.



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