Let There be Laughter...

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Let There be Laughter...

So you would like to be amusing without raising too many eyebrows? Here are five jokes/riddles that will leave people chuckling.

1) Make sure you say this one and don't write it down as the written version gives away the answer right away. "There are fifty wolves and forty eight (ate) sheep. How many did not?" The answer is ten. (It may take people a minute to process that one.)

2) What word becomes shorter by adding two letters? answer: short.

3) Do you need a pet? I NO-AH guy…

4) This one came off a sign…"Don’t worry if you feel like you can’t get it all together, Moses was a basket case too!”

5) And what comedian doesn't have a priest joke? "A priest is driving home. A police officer behind the priest notices that he is swerving a little bit, so he pulls him over. "Sir", the officer asks "Have you been drinking a little bit tonight"? "Only water," the priest replies. The officer suspicious, shines his flashlight into the priest's car. He notices an empty bottle of wine in the passenger seat. The priest follows his eyes and cries "Good Lord", he's done it again!



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