Every Day is a Battle

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Every Day is a Battle

Sometimes it's hard to remember to pray because it seems like it's not very important. We get up, we go to school or work, we make breakfast, we take care of the kids, we clean. It can be the same routine day after day, and so our prayers may not seem to be very urgent.

But most people do remembe r to pray before important events, especially dangerous ones. If you were going into battle, you would remember to pray, wouldn't you? If you had to take on some huge obstacle or about to embark on some risky endeavor, you would remember to pray.

Therefore, it's good to keep in mind that every day IS a battle. Although your surroundings may seem dull and prosaic, they are a battlefield on which you fight the good fight in the war between good and evil. You may not see it now, but it matters on an eternal scale which would blow your mind if you were totally aware of it. Nothing you do is unimportant.



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